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December, 2010

average sex a week

some have sex every day and some e few times or once a week there is no hard and fast rule

Extremely above average,

. other then the younger you are the more you tend to want ...On long is sex for you and your partner? Not sure too ... On average, once a week or twice a month, depending and usually 20 - 45 minutes. ..

Raw black sex

.I found an article on line stating that on average, married couples nowadays have sex less than twice a week, which corresponds to what Ive read in the past: ...For instance, one report, sponsored by a Christian entity, says that taking all ages into account, a typical married couple engages in sex on average twice a week.Once a week is barely whetting their appetites. Twice a week is a tease and thrice is but a temptation. Four times a week, though, that seems to be the magic number.Sometimes the two of you will have a week where there is sex everyday. ... to come up with an average amount of sex the average person has in a week.

Updates are twice a week and

...... age 16. And the average number of partners is 15. Brazilians spend 20 minutes on foreplay on average. The typical Brazilian has sex two times a week. ...Australians are having sex twice a week on average but fewer than half claim to be fully satisfied

have more sex on average

.If you just wanted to be like other average men, you probably wouldnt be reading this website. ... Sex .Not Lately but on average 3 times a week ...It used to be considered a female problem but now almost as many men as women complain of low sex drive. Couples used to have sex on average of 2.2 times a week. ...

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