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December, 2010

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State And Local Laws Affecting The Provision Of Benefits For Same-Sex Partners

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... and local laws that may affect the provision of benefits to same-sex partners. ...Same Sex Domestic Partner Parameters: The benefit plans available to a same sex domestic ... 1. New Jersey and Connecticut residents must have a formal Civil ...Some local justices of the peace said they wont perform same-sex unions for ..

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. Av Harris, communications director for Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, ...US Department of Housing and Urban Developments Connecticut web site. ... Our local partners are critical not only in enforcing the law but in reinforcing the ...Local HIV / STD Testing of Ridgefield, Connecticut is a full-service medical examination facility, that ... factors for chlamydia (a new sex partner or multiple sex partners) ..

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.A total of 197 sex partners during the infectious period were ... Approximately half of these sex partners were not from Connecticut, including 28% from New York City and 20 ...No money coming from Fairfield U. for Haiti sex abuse victims The Maine advocate for victims of sexual abuse at Doug Perlitz Project Pierre Toussaint in Haiti was ...Local Community Support to. Enhance Offender Reentry. Enhance Offender ... steps needed in Connecticut to encourage the

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. development of local community reentry teams ...... for homosexual partners, according to a poll released by Equality Illinois. 48 per cent of respondents in Illinois oppose allowing same-sex marriage, ...Local HIV / STD Testing of Shelton, Connecticut is a full-service ... When you are ready to have sex, you and your partner should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. ...

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