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December, 2010

mom and dad teach kids how to fuck

When Dad Killed Mom has 221 ratings and 69 reviews

so my mom teaches this program

. Cheyanne said: Ive just finished up reading When Dad Killed Mom by Julius Lester. It has been a v...Rant about your ex and tells us what a jerk they are. Read others rants about their exs ... not teaching your kids good morals by talking so disrespectful about their mom. ...Console Central - Centralizing Gaming: News and reviews on all the latest videogames and hardware ..

my grandmother (dad's mom)

. under peer pressure to do it or maybe they see mom and dad do it and ...Fuck you. You were never a father to me, or more specifically, you were never my Dad ... Fuck you for beating mom and putting her in the hospital in 1984. ...Theres a very interesting comment thread going on in an old post I wrote on how much I love being a single mom...

platform heel-wearing mom,

. Its a fantastic discussion between Dads House ...My mom gets mad alot and Im to afraid to stand up to her so I have imaginary conversations in my head about us yelling at eachother, but theres no ...No matter how much you speak to your kids, children learn more from what you are ... most important lessons Id like to teach her are manners and empathy. ...Thats a question I suppose Ive thought about once or twice since my split. I have pretty strong feelings on the subject

What the fuck........when was

. Is it okay for the child(ren) toFor children 7 and above, Teach me Time! is a fully functional alarm ... glows green when it is time for young kids to go see mom and dad in the morning. ...Forces kids to get up early to mow the lawn, forces pets to shut the hell up, ... mothers job is to feed the kids, teach them manners, and have sex with the Dad. ...

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